An Expansive Catalog Of Hard Case For Iphone 11 Pro Max

iface case iphone 7 plus

Do you have a iphone 7 phone? Allow it serve you longer by getting this latest smart case that protects it from scratches. The case from Cytanh is plain and transparent however classy as well as easy on the hands. It offers your phone full protection and also has a one-of-a-kind design that makes it attract attention. However what are its functions and also specification? Check out and also comprehend even more concerning this newest smart case for the .

In-depth evaluation

Build quality and design

The has a simple design however a smart that enables you to see your phone's display without turning it. It has an intelligent sensing unit that enables your phone to automatically wake up and assists it go off when not being used.

The magnetic suction style assists hold your phone in position. The flip will certainly wake when you open it but sleep when you close it. Its likewise efficient in holding your phone right into placement because of the bracket function, which helps you have a hands-free operation. The feature also allows you to multitask as you can use your phone while also reading a book.

The trendy leather case has an automatic magnetic humanized style that helps hold your phone in area and stop it from unintentionally falling. The 0.3 mm protection on your phone's cam protects it from dirt, scratches, as well as breakages, generating quality photos. The specific hole placement makes it easy to use the charging port, volume, and power keys.

Efficiency and feature

If you have this case, your phone will certainly be devoid of scrapes as it covers the entire gadget. It will likewise last much longer as the case avoids shock as well as dirt from getting in through. Your phone's battery will certainly offer you for longer periods as it's got an smart sensing unit that assists it go to sleep setting when not being used.

You'll get a trendy to use when you can't access one, especially when on the move. It has a sleeve that allows your phone to be compatible with wireless charging. The bracket feature, in this case, stops your neck from stressing as you can place it to your recommended placement. The case can turn to 360 levels that makes mounting and also removing your phone from it very simple.

What's special with this ?

The 360 levels flip cover is unique with this case as you reach place as well as eliminate your phone without struggle. The sensing unit which helps place your phone into rest setting maintaining your batteries is a and also. One more point is the automatic magnetic on either side of the case, which helps hold it in position when you flip it over.


• It has a great that enables you to see calls, time, and also day

• It has a precise opening placement

• It has an extra safety screen on the cam

• It has a smart wake up/ sleep mode

• It has a bracket feature and flips approximately 360 levels


• The is prone to retain fingerprints

Final thought

Give your phone maximum protection using this case. It best matches a person that likes elegant and unique designs. It's easy to use and also mount.

The elegant Iface iphone 7 case has an automated magnetic humanized design that assists hold your phone in place as well as avoid it from accidentally falling. If you have this case, your iphone 12 hard case phone will be totally free from scrapes as it covers the whole gadget. The Iface iphone 7 case can flip to 360 degrees which makes mounting and also eliminating your phone from it extremely easy.

The 360 degrees flip cover is special with this case as you obtain to position as well as remove your phone without struggle. Provide your phone maximum security utilizing this case.